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Demystifying Astrology

Learn, explore, and break down astrology's basics.

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    CLASS: Astrology is a symbolic language. Using the stars, planets and celestial mythologies in combination with the harmonic language of mathematics, it tells stories – about who we are as human beings, individually and in relationship to others and the nature of our times, our world, our culture. Astrology does not so much answer questions (though it can do so) as provide context and understanding. The astrologer serves to witness who each person is, how we operate and interpret our experiences – and to articulate the broader forces that shape our experience. As human beings, we exist through story. We are wired to identify and create patterns to survive and give us meaning. So the astrologer is essentially a storyteller, the oldest of human professions. Stories rooted in our connection to the sky. All we see, all we are and all we experience has its physical roots in the stars. They are all matter, all that matters – the literal light through darkness to navigate both destiny and destination. Astrology serves to translate these esoteric correlations, connecting us to our origins, to each other – and all existence. This free class will give a broad overview of the topics that will be covered in our upcoming 8 week course, "Intro to Astrology." This course will provide a foundation for the student to gain an understanding of astrology, to apply it to their own lives, the lives of friends and loved ones, and to the world at large. We will discuss the how’s and why’s of astrology as art and science and speculation, its roots, and the nature of the zodiac signs, houses, planets and aspects. BIO: Joshua Davies learned astrology as a “second language” growing up, with a mother who was a well-known professional astrologer in the Twin Cities. He has done consultations since his early 20s, has been a featured speaker, panelist and authored articles for STARS, the Minnesota chapter of the NCGR, and served as a guest teacher and presenter for longtime Minnesota astrologer and author Moonrabbit. Using a soul- centered approach, he highlights how one functions as a person, what is currently “up” as issues and areas of focus in one’s life, as well as understanding and working with one’s own embedded patterns and intrinsic energy – genetic and cultural as well as psychological and spiritual. He is well-versed at translating your story through the map of your stars.

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