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Free Gentle Yoga

FREE Gentle and Trauma-Informed Yoga for Military and 1st Responders

  • 1 hour

Service Description

What is Trauma-informed Yoga? Trauma-informed yoga is a type of yoga that is designed to be sensitive to the needs of people who have experienced trauma. Classes typically focus on gentle movements, breath work, myofascial work and relaxation. The goal is to help people feel more comfortable in and have more ownership of their bodies, to reduce stress and anxiety, and to share space with others in a low-pressure group environment. What does a class look like? A trauma-informed yoga class can look just like other gentle style yoga classes, but is taught in way that respects a student’s unique needs due to what may have happened to them in their lives. A trauma-informed yoga teacher is trained to be mindful of these needs and to understand how trauma and traumatic stress might be triggered. They are particular in their choice of language and postures. They use clear personal and group boundaries. They aim to ensure the student has full permission to practice in a way that feels right for themself; it isn’t about pleasing the teacher. While no one can guarantee another person has any particular feelings, a trauma-informed yoga class has, at its core, the intention to be as safe a space as possible for everyone in the room. It’s the t