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Sound Bath & Acupuncture

Find deep relaxation, restoration, & recharge with a fusion of acupuncture & sound.

  • 45 US dollars

Service Description

Sound bath meets acupuncture in this fusion of two incredible healing modalities! Prepare for an evening of deep relaxation and recharge as you soak in 75 minutes of soothing frequencies accompanied by a personalized acupuncture treatment. What to expect: Dress comfortably and be prepared to sit back and relax! This class will be facilitated by Healing Roots' practitioners Laura Bond (Harmony Hands Reiki) and Emily Jacobson (To the Point Acupuncture). A note from Laura: A sound bath meditation can induce deep relaxation. This relaxation response reduces cortisol levels and modulates the autonomic nervous system, specifically activating the parasympathetic nervous system, otherwise known as your "rest & digest" system. The resonant frequencies produced by bowls/instruments during the Sound Bath also stimulate the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine & serotonin, producing a sense of calm. The interplay of sound and physiology during a Sound Bath fosters a mental environment that is soothing to anxious thoughts, providing a therapeutic, meditative escape from the busy-ness of the mind. When the body is peaceful, it feels better. And when it feels better, it functions more effectively!

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  • 154 Summit St, River Falls, WI, USA


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