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"The Center Will Hold" Dance Workshop

Come explore your sense of center with Open Floor Dance!

  • 30 US dollars

Service Description

Where do you end, and others begin? Where do you go when you move away from pain? What are you vulnerable to? Borrowing from Brené Brown, who states in Atlas of the Heart “The center will hold. I believe that in the midst of struggle, the center will hold if, and only if, we can feel the edges.” Come explore your sense of center and find and feel your edges using the mindful movement, conscious dance practice of Open Floor International. What we practice on the dance floor cultivates awareness and insight that informs how we move through life off the dance floor. What to Expect: This workshop will begin with warming up, opening awareness, using meditation and movement exercises to explore, settling, and closing with sharing. Music supports our practice. You will spend time sitting, standing, dancing, talking, breathing, lying, and modifying as needed. Open Floor practice is for everybody. The benefits of an Open Floor practice include building strength/coordination/mobility, lifting mood, reducing anxiety/stress, regulating the nervous system, encouraging connection to self/others/spirit, increasing self-awareness, and building resi