In the Clinic....


Acupuncture is an ancient whole system medicine treatng just about every ailment and disorder in the human experience. In modern western terms, acupuncture uses very thin needles, about the size of a human hair, to optmize the bodies natural bio-electrical communicaton, encouraging cellular communicaton within the whole body. Traditonally speaking, acupuncture brings balance and harmony to the natural fow of Qi (sounds like chi) in the body. All illness and pain stems from an imbalance (whether it is stagnaton, defciency, or excess) and manifests as specifc symptoms that can be treated more efciently when the cause of the imbalance is understood. Traditonal Chinese Medicine (TCM) not only consists of acupuncture, but also herbal treatments, Tui na (Chinese medical massage), cupping, moxibuston, and Gua sha (promotng healthy circulaton). In China, TCM uses herbs for about 80% of treatments and acupuncture about 20% of the tme. Here in the United States, those percentages are generally fipped.

Tui Na

Tui Na (sounds like twee na), is Chinese Medical Massage. Tui Na, along with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, are the main components of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As such, Tui Na can be used to treat specific areas, or it can be used to improve the overall Qi or energy flow throughout the body. Because Tui Na is a complete system, the treatment often helps both these components at the same time. Tui Na is thought to be the oldest system of bodywork practiced today.


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Ortho Bionomy

This technique gently and comfortably repositions the part of the body experinencing issues into its proper alignment, a therapist can prompt the muscles to self-correct, releasing tension and trauma while re-educating the body's memory of the injury, and speeding the healing process. Benefit: Ortho-Bionomy® is used to alleviate chronic pain associated with injuries, muscle and joint problems, and arthritis; reduce stress; increase circulation; enhance relaxation; and improve problems of posture or structural alignment. Its gentle technique is recommended for acute pain and rehabilitative injuries.


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Lymphatic Drainage

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Healing Touch

A relaxing, nurturing energy therapy that uses gentle, heart-centered touch to assist in balancing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. It inhances the body’s natural ability to heal through the human energy centers and energy field/biofield. Healing Touch works in harmony with standard medical care and is complementary to other health care systems. Safe for all ages.


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Myofascial Release

A highly specialized stretching technique used by therapists to treat patients with a variety of soft tissue problems. Fascia is a thin tissue that covers all the organs of the body. This tissue covers every muscle and every fiber within each muscle. All muscle stretching, then, is actually stretching of the fascia and the muscle, the myofascial unit. When muscle fibers are injured, the fibers and the fascia which surrounds it become short and tight. This uneven stress can be transmitted through the fascia to other parts of the body, causing pain and a variety of other symptoms in areas often wouldn’t expect. Myofascial Release treats these symptoms by releasing the uneven tightness in injured fascia.

In the Studio....

Tai Chi

Begginers Class -This is a 10 week course where in which you will learn the Yang style 24 form. This is the most common form of Tai Chi that is practiced. This is a class that builds on itself. In each class we will go over all of the prior moves learned with an extra focus on the new moves. There is no special equipment for this class, just wear comfortable clothing and a mindset that is ready to slow down and learn a beautiful medicine of balance and efficient movements! Polishing Class -Pre-requsit: Beginners Tai Chi. This is a 10 week course taught by Emily Jacobson where we go through the entire 24 form in more detail and polish up each move. We go over some of the deeper concepts and tai chi theories and apply them to the moves.


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Yoga and Acupuncture

This monthly class is a beautiful combination of gentle yoga and a mini personalized acupuncture treatment. Soak up this amazing opportunity to go deep into a restorative state. A double whammy of re-setting your nervous system from fight or flight, into rest and digest. In this hour and a half long class you will do one hour of gentle yoga and then experience an extended and powerful shavasana (the resting pose at the end of a yoga class). During this 30 minute shavasana, the acupuncturist will administer your personalized acupuncture treatment to optimize the deep rest state you will find yourself in.

Strength and Stretch

This class will be starting in September. More information coming soon!

Qi Gong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing practice often referred to as moving meditation, one of the branches of Chinese medicine. In this class, you will be guided through a series of easy, gentle rhythmic movements, focused intention, and breathing. A simple yet powerful way to promote physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Sacred Dance

The practice of sacred dance and movement is to tap into the body’s innate wisdom to heal itself through movement, dance and music. It opens your heart and frees your mind by allowing the body to move as it wants to be moved. It can increase physical vitality and reduce stress levels inspired by and through selected music. Classes provide a strong sense of community and a chance to be accepted as you are, moving just the way you do, while encouraging an opportunity for self-acceptance. The theory behind this practice is that when you put the psyche into motion, it will heal itself. Participants of all ages and abilities dance barefoot in comfortable, loose fitting clothing through a series of chosen music which begins slowly and introspectively progressing to faster rhythms encouraging release; ultimately returning to a slower rhythmic pace to allow for emotional and physical integration. Recommended donation of $12

Sound Baths

Starting in August! More information coming soon!