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Welcome to our center!

Our mission.....

To hold space for individual, collective and synergistic healing. We are committed to help people feel rooted and find empowerment through a variety of services and methods of movements that nurture and inspire a true sense of health and wellness.

Getting to know us.....

Healing Roots was established in 2021. We are a unique center with both clinic services offering a variety of individual healing modalities and a studio for classes and events facilitating group healing.


The clinic has six beautiful treatment rooms which are rented out by different practitioners. Each practitioner is the proprietor of their own business. This allows for Healing Roots to support local small business and provides a space for networking and synergistic healing. Though the practitioners are all independent in the realm of business, on an emotional and healing level, we function as a team. We meet monthly to connect, talk about and encourage self-care, plan our events, and work together on team building exercises. This team aspect is essential for collective and synergistic healing to be available.


The studio is a beautiful large room with 17 ft tall ceilings, a stunning mural that stimulates the sense of forest immersion, and hosts a fun variety of classes, workshops and events. Though we do host a fair amount of yoga classes, this studio is WAY more than a yoga studio. Our mission is to provide a large variety of classes to offer healing to all populations. Healing can look like a lot of things and can come in so many shapes and sizes. We aim to invite people to heal with what serves them best, whether it be yoga, tai chi, herbal remedies, poetry readings, tai chi or yoga retreats, drum circles, astrology classes and so much more.


We also aim to meet the needs of all financial populations. Healing Roots is committed to providing health and wellness to everyone. As the world of healing has (fortunately) become trendy, it has also (unfortunately) become expensive. Part of our mission is to empower and nurture people in a way that inspires us all to make the world a better place. For the world to be a better place, we must make health and wellness options accessible to everyone regardless of income or wealth. Please check out our "Scholarships" page to learn more.

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