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Meet Amber Moore

Our Community Acupuncturist 

Amber moved to Minnesota with her daughter in 2011 from a communal homesteading/wildcrafting/Forest Service employee lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest’s mountains to pursue a post graduate education in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Originally, she was drawn by the practicality of the field, and hoped that it would help her provide support to her family, friends, and community, wherever she might end up. After graduating with a Master’s degree in TCM from the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Roseville, working through her NCCAOM board exams, and receiving licensure from the Minnesota State Medical Board, she has been happy to find herself capable of doing exactly what she hoped she might do: providing acupuncture in collaborative, creative healthcare environments, and being part of a movement of people seeking to make a supportive and meaningful community around healing. The awkwardness around negotiating new, empowering healthcare experiences is unavoidable but necessary for the changes that she would like to see in realm of health. She hopes her patients are ready for the same challenge. Amber discovered the community acupuncture movement during her second year of schooling, and began a 5-year volunteer relationship at her local community acupuncture clinic, Southpoint Community Acupuncture in South Minneapolis, with Jessica Hansen, L.Ac. While she was pursuing her studies, she spent her two years of clinical internships caring for hundreds of patients, including at Everyday Miracles, a community acupuncture clinic arranged to provide acupuncture to financially challenged women in North Minneapolis. She is passionate about the Community Acupuncture movement’s ability to grow healthy accessible spaces, and working to organically cultivate healthcare options outside of the current dominant system. She believes in both the incredible power of the Traditional Chinese Medicine field as well as the power each person holds within to find their own path towards wholeness. She hopes to be a supportive force in that unique path each person takes to healing, growing and learning alongside her clients. She honors and respects people from all backgrounds, and will try her best to bridge any cultural gaps that inevitably arise within a healthy community. Please contact Amber with any questions, suggestions, or encouraging remarks! She is happy to respond, and will try her best to provide useful information and actions to meet your needs.

Contact Amber:
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