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Meet our Team!


Emily Jacobson, LAc
To The Point Acupuncture and Tai Chi
Owner and Director of Healing Roots Wellness Center

My interest in wellness and holistic medicine started at a very young age. Pursuing this interest, I attended St.Croix Center For The Healing Arts massage school in the year 2000. With a passionate young heart I decided to make an attempt at entrepreneurship and started my first business, Exceptional Relief Massage, in 2002. After a very successful 9 years in business, my mind and body needed to dive deeper into the healing arts. Wanting an extension of my career as a bodyworker, I chose to study Chinese Medicine and received a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2016 and promptly opened To The Point Acupuncture and Tai Chi. Having been a bodyworker for more that 20 years, my goal is to create a safe space for each individual and work with their needs, meeting them wherever they are at on any given day. Holding this space allows for a person to be at ease and reach true healing. Working with Qi (sounds like chi) and deep communication as medicine, I am able to work with all elements of a persons mind, body, and spirit. With a massage therapy background, one area of wellness I focus on is pain management, with an additional focus on women’s health and mental/emotional health. As the owner and director of Healing Roots Wellness Center, my goal is to create a wholesome community of wellness providers and wellness seekers. Knowing that there are many paths to healing and that collaborative care has a big impact, I want to offer a diverse way to make healing available and accessible. We are on this planet to connect, love, and support each other. I believe this is the only way we are able to fully thrive as human beings. Humbly holding space for practitioners and recipients to receive emotional and physical nourishment is the basis of why I decided to open Healing Roots Wellness Center. In my spare time, you will find me hiking, riding bicycle, or kayaking with my sweet husband, playing with my dogs, teaching tai chi in the park, deep in a philosophical conversation, or laughing with a friend or loved one.

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Amber Moore

Community Acupuncture
and Individual Acupuncture

Amber has been practicing acupuncture for the past several years, after receiving her masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from AAAOM in 2017, her Diplomate in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture from NCCAOM, and her license from the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. She practices in several locations, in rural Minnesota as well as the twin cities area, doing individual and community acupuncture. Her passion is in the fundamental restructuring of health care to be in more direct service to communities of people in need, and to make our community relationships the foundation to our healing. This has included volunteering her services in her immediate community, as she did during the COVID and racial justice riot era in her neighborhood, practicing in encampments near her home, participating in free health care events, and offering acupuncture in her back yard to anyone ready to take her up on her offer. She believes that acupuncture can be a very practical, simple way to support most people in their mental, physical and emotional health, without side effects or ethical conundrums. She strives against professional specialization, though sees each patient as a very special opportunity for connection and growth. She also loves plants a whole lot, making herbal teas, medicines, and teaching classes in basic plant identification, medicine making, and the like. She offers her herbal perspective to her treatments, including basic and accessible Chinese and western herbal solutions. In the other moments of her life, she engages in community art and puppet builds, hosts and attends craft and skill share events, loves to cook for people, gardens messily and excessively, and lives with her incredible teen in South Minneapolis.

Website photo #11 Laura-rocks.jpg

Laura Bond

Harmony Hands Reiki

Laura Bond, owner and practitioner I offer the energetic therapies of Reiki, Craniosacral and Sound Healing. My goal is to support my clients in reaching their highest potential for healing in a nurturing, comfortable environment. I feel privileged to work as an energy therapist, considering energetic touch and sound healing to be sacred. A diagnosis of breast cancer in 2000 and subsequent strong treatments to cure the disease led me into researching and receiving various non-conventional therapies. Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy were both profoundly helpful in my healing, so much so that I pursued training in both. Prior to founding Harmony Hands Reiki, I became a Certified Reiki Master in 2012 in the Usui System of Natural Healing under Constance Herris, Sunrise Healing Arts. My study of Craniosacral Therapy is ongoing at the Heartwood Institute, St. Paul, Minnesota. Most recently, my extensive background as a musician has fueled further interest and creativity in Sound Healing. When away from the Harmony Hands Reiki studio, I enjoy gardening, hiking, family time, and my piano.


Melissa Shelton-Davies

Healing Roots Wellness Center

Melissa has been in professional practice for over 30 years, mastering the understanding of how to work with human energy systems. She uses Qi Gong to release blockages in the body, mind and emotions, comprehensively reading the complex layers of one's health, physocological and symbolic history. In addition, Melissa teaches mind-body-spirit energy classes to lay people and health care professionals in clinic and non-clinic settings.

Call to book an appointment 715-227-3486

Melissa Pedrini

Well Living Massage

I am trained in deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, trigger point, Swedish, prenatal, myofascial release, and cupping therapies. All of my services include complimentary hot towels and doTERRA aromatherapy oils. My husband and I moved to River Falls in 2016. We have three young boys and have been enjoying making this community our home. We enjoy being outside in our garden as well as hiking and biking the beautiful trails in River Falls. We are huge baseball fans and enjoy going to the local Fighting Fish games.


Unfortunately, Melissa is not taking new clients at this time (she's just that good!)


Colleen Gray
Qi Gong

I became interested in Qigong 20+ years ago. One of my motivators at the time was wanting a tool to deal with anxiety. This ancient Chinese practice has been referred to as moving meditation, an elixir for self-healing and is one of the branches of Chinese Medicine. My main teacher, Chunyi Lin from Spring Forest Qigong would say, “If you believe that it works, it works. If you don’t believe that it works, it still works.” As I took classes, read books and practiced in my living room each morning before work, I noticed a sense of wellbeing that carried throughout the day. Early on it became clear to me that I wanted to share this FREE medicine with others and to practice with a group outdoors. In its purest form Qigong is an invitation to bring awareness into every part of our life. I have led a weekly Qigong practice group for the past 12 years. I don’t consider myself a master, however I do consider myself someone who wants to “share the Qi” and to practice together with others. I look forward to this possibility through the Healing Roots Wellness Center. I’m an avid quilter in my free time and devotee of loving and supporting my three adult children in their endeavors. This includes Emily Jacobson, whose dream it was to open the Healing Roots Wellness Center.

Free Qi Gong, Monday evenings at 5:30
Heather Schuman
Vinyasa Yoga Flow

My goal as a yoga instructor is to provide a safe, judgement-free space where people can move, breathe, and be their most authentic selves. My own yoga journey started in 2005 when I took my first class and instantly fell in love with the practice. In 2012 I graduated from the Yoga Center of Minneapolis and began teaching. I love both the physical and mental strength, flexibility, balance, and stillness that yoga offers and I will never stop being amazed by the power of linking breath and movement. I strive to make my yoga classes accessible to everyone while keeping students challenged in their personal practices. I love teaching all ages and many different types of yoga and I will forever be a student of the practice. Off of my mat, my husband and I are busy raising three young kids. We enjoy being outdoors--running, hiking, biking, traveling, and exploring. We are grateful to be a part of such a beautiful and family-centered community.

Yoga Flow
Monday mornings at 9:30 and Thursday evenings at 7:00
Sara Bartlett
Myofascial Release Yoga

Fully Human, LLC Hatha, Myofascial and Trauma Informed Yoga Hello, my name is Sara. I started my yoga journey in 2015. I am no stranger to stress and violence against my person. I have experienced traumatic events and have been burdened with unconscious breathing and physical issues due to my past experiences. Myofascial and trauma-sensitive yoga creates a safe space for people to pay attention to signs of dissociation, pain, unease, distress and tension that may come up, and to stop whenever they need. Body awareness and self-regulation is part of the practice. We work together to discover how to release our trapped tension within our tissues using props and various practices in nervous system regulation and awareness. I would love to share my practice with you. Related Certifications: - 225-hour Hatha Yoga Instructor (Holy Yoga) - 15-hour Yogalates Instructor (Holy Yoga) - 15-hour Yoga with Weights Instructor (Holy Yoga) - 60-hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga Instructor (Holy Yoga) - 200-hour Myofascial Yoga Instructor (Freely Human) - Breathwork Coach (Yogabody) - Flexibility Coach (Yogabody) - Emotional Well-Being Coach (Shira Gura)

Slow Flow Yoga,
Wednesday evenings at 5:00
Roxie Vandewater
Strength and Stretch

I have been teaching fitness for 35 years~Cardio, step,and in the last 9 years, gentle and chair yoga. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 33 of those years and I believe exercise, in all its forms, has shaped and enriched my life beyond measure. Staying strong in body, mind and spirit and sharing different ways to do that with my students is at the heart of my teaching. I have always said, “I love the socialization, and the exercise is just a bonus.” No matter what format I am teaching, relationship is at the core of what I do and what I value most. In my spare time I love making memories with my family, which now includes a delightful little granddaughter, playing piano, snow shoeing and hiking, traveling and volunteering.

Strength and Stretch
Wednesday mornings at 9:00
Debra Martin

I have marveled at the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of doing yoga since 1998. I sincerely believe this journey we are on is always better when shared together in an environment of support and peace, especially as we come to the mat together. In 2012 I participated in a three day intensive with the famous yoga educator, Doug Swenson and experienced a transformation which eventually lead me to obtaining my 200 level yoga certification from the Devandi School of Yoga and Wellness, Minneapolis MN in September 2023. I'm excited and humbled to be able to share my joy through teaching Hatha yoga, chanting, pranayama and meditation. I've also practiced and lead a small group of co-workers in a weekly Tai Chi practice for over 20 years. I am addicted to riding my American Quarterhorse, Parker, and truly believe some of the success in my equine competitions are from my yoga practice. My life-partner Rod and I enjoy canoeing, camping, backpacking, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, and motorcycling together. I hope to meet you all on the mat soon. - Deb Martin

Yoga 4 Every BODY
Tuesday evenings at 5:30
Carrie Kleven

Carrie took her first yoga class in 2005 and she is so happy that she did. The union of mind, body, and spirit with yoga hooked her and she is hard pressed to find any style of yoga practice she does not like. As a nurse, wife, and mother of 3 caretaking is her true calling. Carrie recently graduated from the Devandi School of Yoga & Wellness and cannot wait to meet you on your mat for a grounding and energizing mid-day boost!

Noon Boost Yoga
Wednesdays at noon (45 min class)
CARRIE K jpg_edited.jpg
Brenda Derks

Brenda has been in the fitness industry as a client and an instructor for most of her life. She is a trained Muay Thai fighter with certifications in kickboxing, strength training, personal training, and as a Rock Steady Boxing coach. She always seeks opportunities for learning and growth, continually advancing her skills through ongoing education. She thoroughly enjoys developing new and interesting workouts to keep clients (and muscles) from being bored! Join Brenda twice each week for bodyweight strength training classes that will challenge and inspire you to push beyond your limits, leaving you feeling empowered and accomplished!

Dynamic Strength: Ignite Your Power!
(Body weight strength training)
Tuesday evenings at 7pm and
Thursday mornings at 7am


Kerrigan Vig
Operations/Marketing Manager

I graduated with a degree in marketing from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay. I’m looking forward to using my skills at Healing Roots to help create and refine business systems and processes. That way all of our practitioners and teachers can focus on creating a peaceful healing environment. When I’m not at work I enjoy spending time with loved ones, baking, learning new skills, and hiking.

Diane McLean

I am passionate about supporting Healing Roots and the mission to provide wellness to our community. I am honored to volunteer my time to help clean and run errends when needed. In my spare time I love to garden and get my hands in the dirt. I love my family and anything that has to do with dogs!

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