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Join The Team

Come join our fun-loving, humorous, compassionate, and skilled team of wellness practitioners and support staff! We've got a mix of independent contractors, employees, volunteers, and business owners who rent rooms. 

We're all about:

  • Being our authentic selves

  • Walking the talk, especially when it comes to self-care and wellness 

  • Working towards personal and professional growth

  • Creating a safe warm welcoming environment 

  • Making wellness accessible to our community as possible

  • Building and nurturing connections

Sound like your kind of people? Join us! Check out our current job openings below.  You might just be our missing puzzle piece. 

Licensed Massage Therapist

Do you desire to work with a team of skilled and compassionate wellness practitioners? Do you have a growth mindset? Ready to step into a facility that is launching a big growth plan to support wellness to the local community?


Healing Roots Wellness Center is looking for a massage therapist who does deep tissue and relaxation massage.


We are a thriving and passionate new wellness facility in River Falls, looking for that special someone who will be invested in the center and its success as a whole. We provide a playful and nurturing environment to work in and are committed to creating and maintaining great relationships with our customers and our community. Are you our missing puzzle piece?!?

We Are Looking For Someone:

  • With good deep tissue/fix-it massage skills who can also provide a lovely full-body relaxation massage too

  • Who are committed to wellness within themselves. We are adamant about walking our talk. You can’t give from an empty cup

  • Who desires to be a part of a team and can attend our monthly team meetings. At the heart of this facility is our team! We can not grow or sustain growth without it.

  • Willing to work as an independent contractor making 60% of the services provided.

  • With a good sense of humor who is tender and empathetic to themselves, the team, and their client base

  • Who is open-minded and thrives in being their authentic self and connects well with others

  • Willing and ready to grow with the business. We are ready to launch a growth plan and need someone to be able to take on a new clientele

  • Who works with intuition and can read people well

  • Who can follow and learn the systems that are already in place and grow with new systems as they are developed.

Job Duties:

  • Perform massage therapy techniques to promote relaxation, relieve muscle tension, and improve overall well-being

  • Assess client's needs and create customized treatment plans based on their specific conditions and goals

  • Utilize a variety of massage modalities such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and Swedish massage to address clients' individual needs.

  • Build and maintain relationships with your clients and the other team members at Healing Roots

  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date client records, including treatment notes and progress reports

  • Educate clients on self-care techniques and provide recommendations for at-home exercises or stretches

  • Adhere to all safety and sanitation guidelines to ensure a clean and hygienic environment for clients

What We Offer You:

*A beautifully furnished room

*A scheduling system and receptionist who does all the scheduling for you

*Drama-free work environment!

*The ability to have FUN at work!

*A true TEAM and camaraderie with other talented practitioners

*Growth in your career as a massage therapist

*A 60/40 cut of all services provided

*Reduced prices for the services of the other practitioners at the center

*Free yoga classes and half-price on all other specialty classes at the center

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to Emily Jacobson at

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