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High Vibe Meditation Night

Breathe, connect, amplify, & heal.

  • 20 US dollars

Service Description

Ready to amplify your intentions and turn them into reality? Join in the special meditation that leads to manifestation using a combination of breath work, heart coherence, and high vibrations that will stimulate your system for physical, mental and emotional healing. In addition, we will practice techniques to calm the mind and get connected with that greater part of the real you. We have seen so many wonderful things happen in this practice; we just ask that you surrender and be open to the possibility of a new and brighter future. Tell your friends - the more people we have the more power we can create as a group, and then things get interesting, like stepping into a vortex of possibility! As a 15-year meditator and student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jay Peterson will have a short discussion on the mind/body connection prior to a 50-60 minute meditation. It is basically like compressing a week-long retreat and turning into an hour of a highly impactful practice. The cost is only $20. Join us the 4th Monday of each month to raise your vibrations!

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  • 154 Summit St, River Falls, WI, USA

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