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Zen Men

Dig deep & connect with other men in the St. Croix Valley.

  • 20 US dollars

Service Description

Come along and join the St. Croix Men's Group! Now is the time for men to come together and expand our perspectives on spirituality (not religion-based), and digging deep into personal growth. We will share experiences, insights, and lessons we have learned along the way that help promote fellowship, connection and exploring our own deep healing. We will listen with loving kindness, and acceptance of each man's path. We will learn to notice our egos and how that affects our actions, thoughts and words. We will open our hearts and learn to be more transparent and courageous. We will support each other with laughter, tears, compassion, empathy, and any other energy that being called in. Each night will feature a meditation, time for sharing, and a central theme/topic for the night that sometimes can shift based on what the group needs the most. The world needs men coming together with high vibration so we can show up for our families and peers with the highest intentions. Join us the 3rd Monday of every month for the Men's Group!

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  • 154 Summit St, River Falls, WI, USA

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